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Choosing Suitable Socks

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In this video, you will discover how to pick appropriate socks for your power walking sessions.

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When power walking, your socks should fit properly, keep your feet dry and protect them from friction. Find out how to do this by watching this short tutorial!

Voice-over: Will Davies

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Choosing suitable socks

In this video, you will learn how to select socks adapted to power walking.

In power walking, your socks protect the inside of your shoes as well as your skin. Good socks have three features: they keep your feet dry, fully cover your feet, and protect them from friction.

Firstly, they keep your feet dry by allowing the evacuation of their natural perspiration

So you should favor socks made out of a cotton and polyester blend, or of polyamide polyester, as they offer the best balance between airing and drying time

On the other hand, avoid 100% cotton or 100% wool socks, as they are don't let your feet breathe very well

Secondly, they completely cover your feet. For your comfort, choose socks the right size, with pre-shaped heels, that fully envelop your entire foot.

This will ensure that the socks will not wrinkle or squeeze your feet too much.

Thirdly, your socks must offer your feet good protection against friction.

It's simple : the sock must have no bumps.

So you should favor socks without seams, or with flat seams at the toes.

If you can, favor socks sewn with terry in the inside, especially around the ankle, toe, heel, and Achilles' tendon. The terry softens the foot's contact with the sole and absorbs humidity.

Always try on your socks with your walking shoes, and make sure your socks do not have any folds.

You now know what to take into account when choosing socks for power walking. Take on those miles!


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