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How to Walk Faster

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In this video, discover our top tips for increasing your power walking speed- it's not as hard as you think!

For more top tips to help you improve your power walking technique, take a look at our full series!

Take a look at our tutorial, as our power walking expert takes you through practical advice to increase your speed when power walking.

Voice-over: Will Davies

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How to walk faster

In this video you will learn how to increase your walking speed.

We will first suggest 2 ways of increasing your walking speed, then an example practice session dedicated to working on your speed.

To increase your walking speed, you can : either increase the frequency of your steps, or increase their length

Firstly: increasing the frequency of your steps

Increase the pace of your steps, making sure to roll through your feet and push off your toes.

This movement will use your lower leg muscles, so make sure to warm up beforehand by walking for a few minutes, then by walking on your heels for a few meters.

Use a pendulum movement in your arms to move forward, keeping them bent at a 90° angle and not letting your hands swing higher than your chest.

Adapt the frequency of your arms' swinging to the cadence of your steps, in order to ensure that your arms and legs are synchronised.

Secondly : increase the length of your steps.

To increase the length of your steps, push your foot further forward.

To do so, increase the rotation of your hips.

Also extend your arms further when swinging to propel yourself further forward.

When your arm goes backwards, slightly unfold it by reaching far behind you with your hand.

When it comes forward again, bend your arm at a 90° angle again, and try not to bring your hand higher than your chest.

Don't be surprised: lengthening your stride makes you lose your breath! If you're too breathless, go back to the pace that suits you best.

Thirdly: your training session itinerary.

If you can already walk for 1 hour without stopping, you can include 3 to 4 5-minute stages of accelerated walking.

This alternation will allow you to increase your speed, your stamina, and tone your muscles!

Why not track your progress in a practice notebook or in an app! Have a good walk!


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