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A Passion for Power Walking

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In this video, our expert explains his passion for power walking, from starting out to race walking champion!

Feeling inspired? Check out our Power Walking series to discover how you can get started!

Be inspired by our interview with power walking expert Emmanuel Lassalle as he takes us through his story.

Voice-over: Will Davies

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This passion for power walking... it came to me when I saw these walkers.

I wanted to understand the movement.

I was already thinking : "Why is their movement so exaggerated?" It didn't seem natural to me!

Because I, like everyone, was used to getting myself around, not to power-walking.

Now I understand, I see there's a real difference between walking and getting about. It's really not the same thing.

And it was sort of making me laugh, like everyone does when they see something different that intrigues them.

I still wanted to know exactly what was going on. "But why are they doing that, what do they get out of it?" I wanted to understand.

But yes it's a movement that is often made fun of. We have a wiggle that everyone is jealous of. I'm saying this sarcastically.

First thoughts

My first thoughts - yes, I remember them very very well - were "wow, this can hurt a lot".

I discovered muscles that I didn't even know I had. You tense up a lot the first few times. You're not used to it. You're not very flexible.

Flexibility is really something you acquire over the years.

From then on I became increasingly confident and realized I could go pretty fast, enjoy it and get this feeling of satisfaction from it.

You have a sense of speed that isn't at all the same as for a runner. It's pretty great. You feel like you're gliding.

A match made in heaven

It took me a while to get this driving sensation of speed and gliding and flying... It also came through doing technical exercises.

The thing that really made me want to continue was that I felt a need for it. I was looking for fulfilment. If I didn't get that I missed it. If I didn't walk, I missed it very quickly.

It's waking up in the morning to put on my trainers and going out to walk.

Putting on my trainers and feeling alive. Spend some time by myself.

I like to go along the canal. The east canal as well, to see how things are going.

Small moments like that make you want to come back.

I really liked it, i just fell in love with it straight away.


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