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Improving Your Arm Movement

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In this video, you will discover a simple exercise to help you improve you arm movement when power walking.

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The arm motion is a key aspect of the power walking technique. Learn more about its importance and how you can improve it by watching this short tutorial.

Voice-over: Will Davies

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Improving your arm movement

In this video, you will learn an exercise that shows the importance of your arm movement. This exercise should be done on about 50 metres of level ground.

It is split up into 2 stages : walking with your hands behind your back, then walking using your arms.

Firstly, walking with your hands behind your back.

Put your hands behind your back, and start to power walk.

Try to stretch out your steps as much as possible. You'll notice that your stride is limited by the position of your arms.

Secondly, walking using your arms.

Without jolting, that is maintaining your stride, free your arms.

Your elbows should be bent at 90°.

The pendulum movement of your arms will drive you, and you will naturally go faster.

This exercise makes you aware of the fact that when walking, it is the arms that make your hips move forward, hence the importance of working on this movement!

Repeat this exercise 2 or 3 times, taking your time, and without straining yourself. Have a good warm-up!


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