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Controlling Your Breathing During a Walk

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In this video, you will learn how to control your breathing when power walking to improve your endurance.

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Learn the correct breathing technique to maintain breath control when power walking by watching this short tutorial.

Voice-over: Will Davies

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Controlling Your Breathing During a Walk

In this video, you will learn how to control your breathing during a power walk. Learning how to breath properly will help you improve your performance and enjoy your outings more.

Here are three complementary tips to help you control your breathing: concentrate while you exhale, stand up straight, and adapt your breathing pattern on sloped surfaces.

First, concentrate while exhaling.

Exhale, until your stomach is completely held in, to empty your lungs of any unclean air.

This will help you fill your lungs with more oxygen! Slow down if necessary, in order to master the movement.

Next, stand up straight.

Often, poor breathing habits come from a bad posture.

To find an ideal posture, hold your back straight and try making yourself as tall as possible.

Keep your shoulders lowered and a little back, and look far ahead.

This posture frees up your lungs and helps them to breathe better.

Lastly, adapt your breathing pattern on sloped surfaces.

On flat surfaces, some power walkers like to breath in time with their arm movements or their steps. For example, by inhaling on the first three steps, and then exhaling over the following three steps.

To help alleviate a side cramp, you can try to elongate this breathing pattern: inhale and exhale every four steps. Slow down and concentrate on your breathing until you are comfortable again.

Before going up a hill, breath a little faster and more heavily to prepare yourself for the effort.

Now you know how to control your breathing better! Enjoy your walk!


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