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Warming Up the Lower Leg Muscles

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In this video, you will learn how to warm up your lower leg muscles before your power walking training session.

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Warming up is an important part of power walking training to make sure you don't strain your body or injure yourself. Discover some stretching exercises for your lower leg muscles with this short tutorial.

Voice-over: Will Davies

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Warming up the lower leg muscles

In this video, you will learn a simple exercise that works on mobility in the ankle and helps prevent stiffness in the feet. This exercise will help you to warm up your lower leg muscles while stretching the Achilles tendons.

The exercise is divided into three steps: positioning, walking, and stretching.

First, positioning.

Stand up on your heels and pull your toes up as far towards you as possible. This will contract your lower leg muscles. Hold this contraction for the duration of the exercise.

Use your arms to help you balance.

Next, walking.

Move about in a small area around you.

Take small steps until you feel a slight burn in your lower leg muscles.

Finally, stretching.

When you feel this slight burn, roll your feet forward and onto your toes, and stretch upwards, pushing your hands toward the sky.

Once you've stretched, lower through your feet to get back onto your heels.

Now restart the exercise on your heels.

Repeat the exercise two or three times, taking your time and without straining yourself. Enjoy!


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