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Dressing for Mild Weather

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In this video, you will learn how to dress appropriately for a power walking session when the weather is mild.

To learn how to adapt your power walking kit for when the weather is less favourable, check out our video "How to Dress for Cold or Rainy Weather", which can also be found in our power walking program!

Dressing appropriately for the type of exercise you're doing and for the weather is important when practising any kind of sport. Learn how to adapt your gear for mild weather by watching this short tutorial.

Voice-over: Will Davies

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Dressing for mild weather

In this video; we are going to give you some clothing advice for your power walking outings in mild weather.

First of all we'll give you some advice on the typical outfit for an outing in mild weather, then on the equipment you should bring.

Firstly, your outfit : the general rule is to choose light, flexible, and breathable clothes.

For this last point, favour breathable polyester clothers because they help the evacuation of humidity and dry quickly.

On the other hand, avoid cotton fabrics, that keep humidity and dry slowly.

Don't forget to protect your head from the sun's rays by wearing a cap.

Here's a little trick : if it is very hot, you can set out with your t-shirt and cap soaking wet. That will allow you to regulate your body temperature.

Secondly, your equipment. To bring personal belongings with you, wear a belt or a rucksack.

If you won't be out any longer than an hour, it's not worth impeding yourself with a rucksack.

Instead choose to wear a belt equipped with storage compartments.

You can put your ID, a light snack and your water bottle in here.

If your outings are more than one hour, take a light rucksack to bring more water supplies.

It is essential that it has a chest strap. This will stop it from moving around during your walk, impeding your balance, and also prevents unpleasant friction

You now know how to dress and equip yourself for power walking excursions in mild weather. The trails are waiting for you!


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