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Preparing Your Feet: Tanning and Moisturising

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In this video, you will learn a tanning and moisturising technique to protect your feet when power walking.

This video is one of many in our Power Walking program that will help you prepare your body for power walking. Discover the other videos in the series to learn more!

Discover how to use a process of tanning and moisturising your feet to harden the skin on your soles whilst maintaining its elasticity.

Voice-over: Will Davies

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Preparing Your Feet: Tanning and Moisturising

In this video you will learn how to prepare your feet for a power walking outing.

Your feet are under a lot of strain while power walking as they support your whole bodyweight and absorb the shocks from the ground. So being well prepared is essential!

We recommend a simple and effective way to prepare. This method is divided in two steps: tanning and moisturising.

First, the tanning.

Tanning your feet helps harden and reinforce the soles of your feet. It is a process that takes at least three weeks.

Every morning, when your feet are clean and dry, rub half a lemon on the sole of your feet. You can also use other similar acidic solutions.

The acid will harden the soles of your feet, which will protect it from blisters and other injuries. Remove the lemon bits with a towel and let your foot air dry.

However, tanning dries out the skin. Thus, it must be combined with proper moisturising.

Next, the moisturising.

Moisturise your clean and dry feet in the evening. This will help soften your skin, which will make it more resistant.

You can use an anti friction cream, a moisturising cream, or even some vegetable oil. Spread it over your foot, and especially on your soles.

Now that your feet are tanned and hydrated, you're ready to hit the road!


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