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What is Froissartage?

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Learn about Froissartarge, the bushcraft building technique of using the forest to create useful installations

Developed by Michel Froissartage, the techniques outlined form a large part of the scouts' activities

Find the full bushcraft program for more froissartage ideas on our website!

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Froissartage is a method, invented by Michel Froissart, which allows you to connect pieces of wood so that you can use them to build things such as tables, stools, chairs...

It's quite useful in scouting.

It allows us to build installations, as we call them.

It's something that can reinforce a feeling of independence in young people.

A young person will saw, totally by themselves for the first time, probably at 8 years old.

That person will then let their creativity run free.

By making something that's sometimes quite funny, quite big, or small.

They will also develop self confidence, since they will have achieved something.

They will be very proud of it, and of the fact that they will have seen something through to the end.

For us, it's important to pass on all of the Froissartage techniques because we have noticed that they can be lost, and that then some have had difficulty in mastering them.

How many scout leaders have arrived on D-Day without saying, "Bah, I don't know how to make a square lashing."?

And making these techniques accessible also helps them with their their normal scouting life.

It helps them to create higher quality activities.

Which in turn makes the young people that they teach even happier!


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