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How to Make a Picnic Bench

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Learn how to make a fantastic picnic bench in this easy to follow tutorial

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In this video, we're going to learn how to construct a picnic bench. It's a useful construction to know since it requires only 8 logs of wood, rather than the 10 required for a tripod table. It's also quicker to assemble

Caution, the project will require:

protective gloves

closed footwear

Several persons

For the project, you will also need:

A wedge for splitting logs

a bow saw

a measuring tape

a small axe

a sledgehammer or hammer

You will also need

a large roll of string

4 x 2m wooden logs of the same diameter

4 x 3m wooden logs of the same diameter

one large log

Making a picnic bench can be split into 3 steps which we'll outline for you

Step 1: Assembling the structure

Make 2 crosses using the 4 x 2metre logs - this will make up the two ends of the bench

Then position the 3 metre logs underneath the angle of each cross

two people are neeeded here to hold the 4 corners of the logs in place

Keeping all the logs held together, position the horizontal logs so that they are around 75cm off the groind. Tie a clove hitch knot and then tightly wrap the string around both logs several times to bind them securely at either ends of the horizontal logs.

For more information, see our video on tying a clove hitch knot

Check that the positioning of the logs is correct and that the string is tied tightly

Tie the string as tightly as you can

Repeat on the opposite side

The two logs which make up the cross frame will rest against the horizontal logs, keeping the structure in place

Once both sides are securely fastened, spread the legs of the table to find the point at which the logs block in place - meaning the table will not move any more.

Step 2: Make the benches

Mark a reference point on each of the legs at around 45cm off the ground

Position final two logs horizontally on your markings

Then bind them to the lges by tying a square lashing

To learn more on this, have a look at our video on tying a square lashing

Step 3: Make the table top

To make the table top, start off by determining the right width. You can use a small branch as a reference

Sit opposite one another, if your kneeds touch, adjust the legs of the bench

Mark this width several times along the large, final log

saw at the markings to obtain smaller logs of the same length

[bandeau missing] - the small branch can be used as a wedge beneath the log to facilitate sawing

Split the logs into two

Learn more on this in our video on how to split a log

Position the split logs along the length of the table

Now you know how to build a picnic table


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