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Building a tripod

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Learn how to build a tripod using string and three logs of wood

It's the main structure of our tripod picnic table which you can learn how to build in the following video

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In this video, we will learn how to build a tripod.

This technique will assemble three wooden poles to make, for example, a tripod table.

Caution, this project will need :

protective gloves,

closd footwear

and more than one person

You will need:

a wedge of wood

3 wood poles

and 1M50 of string

Building a tripod involves two steps which we will explain for you.

Step 1: Preparation

Position the 3 wood poles: 2 on the wedge, and the third on top

Make a clove hitch knot on the top wooden pole about 10 centimetres in from the edge of the pole.

Watch our video: tying a clove hitch knot.

Step 2: Assembly

With the extra string from the clove hitch knot, go around the 3 wooden poles 3 times

Be sure to keep the string taut.

Make a reef knot using the string and the left over string from the clove hitch knot.

Cut off the excess string.

Lift the three wood poles and position them as a tripod. Be sure to have help with this step.

Now you know how to build a tripod


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