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How to Make Stilts

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Learn a simple technique to create a fun pair of stilts in this free tutorial

Making stilts can be done using a simple mortise and tenon joint. Learn more about the joint in the other videos in this series

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Megan Hogg - Sikana
Megan Hogg
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In this video we are going to learn how to make stilts, it's an easy project and they're fun to make

You will need


closed footwear

To make the stilts you will need

an auger

a tapemeasure

a small axe or hatchet

a chisel

a bow saw

and a sledgehammer or a hammer

You will also need

2 thin wooden poles of 2 meters

and 2 40cm logs

There are 3 steps to making stiits which we willexplain to you

Step 1: Make the mortises

Mark a reference point 40cm from one of the ends of each of the two thin poles

Make a mortise at this point on both poles

For more details, see our video how to make a mortise

Cut away any bumps or knots in your poles using the axe

Step 2: Make the tenons

Cut down tenons at the ends of the 2 logs

For more on this, see our video how to make a tenon

Step 3: Assembly

Use the hammer to assemble the tenon and mortise - hitting straight

Saw off the end which sticks through the mortise

Cus the logs down so that they don't knock against each other

You now know how to make wooden stilts!


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