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How to Cut Wood

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Learn how to correctly use a saw so that you can cut wood for your project

This video is in the first chapter of our bushcraft building series

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Ella Hannon
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In this video, we will learn how to cut wood with a saw

Caution: for this activity you will need:

Protective gloves

Closed footwear

For this task, you will also need:

A saw

and a american tooth blade.

You will also need

a wooden log

There are two steps involved when sawing wood which we will describe to you.

Step 1: Preparation

Unscrew the wing nut from the screw, position the blade in the slot and tighten the nut.

Pull the rivet at the other end of the saw and insert the blade there.

Turn the back handle to lock the blade in place

Ensure that there is plenty of tension in the blade

The part of the log that you want to saw should be elevated.

To do this, use an object like another log.

Careful; if the log is not straight, remember to align your saw so that the cut is perpendicular to point of contact

Place your hand on the log to hold it in place; you are now ready to saw.

STEP 2: Sawing the log

Position the bottom of the saw on the log and pull it towards you to make a mark.

Don't hesitate to repeat this process to make a line that will guide your saw.

Pull backwards and push forwards to saw the wood.

Don't lean on the saw, you run the risk of jamming or damaging the blade.

You should know that the wood is cut when you pull the saw towards you.

If the saw gets stuck in the wood while you push, do not force it,

but remove the saw from the cut and put the bottom of the blade on the point of the cut. Then, pull towards you to continue sawing.

The log will lean progressively before falling away completely

You now know how to cut wood with a saw.


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