Bushcraft Building in the Forest - SikanaBushcraft Building in the Forest - SikanaBushcraft Building in the Forest - Sikana
Bushcraft Building in the Forest - SikanaBushcraft Building in the Forest - SikanaBushcraft Building in the Forest - Sikana
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LaToileScoute unites the francophone Scout community from all corners of the world. In addition to its roles as a scout news media outlet and technical support provider for all scouting associations on the web, LaToileScoute preserves and freely shares the scouts’ practical knowledge both on its website and social media.
There are therefore some 100 000 monthly visitors of all ages and levels of scouting experience who use the website to learn about and enhance their nature adventures.
LaToileScoute is an independent association financed thanks to its online boutique selling scouts clothing: scoutconnection.org


Do you enjoy spending time in nature? Do you enjoy using your hands to build, create and invent? Do you like improvising with whatever resources you have available to you? Then this program is perfect for you!
In it you will find a number of videos teaching you how to harness the power of the forest and build useful tools and constructions from little more than wood and string; as well as inspiring interviews which explain the benefits of getting back nature, working to complete projects as part of a team, and seeing something through to the end - in the true, resourceful spirit of the Scouts;
With a handful of simple, non-electric equipment, you will discover how to create tools like hammers; develop your carpentry skills by making things such as mortise and tenon joints and dowels; and use string to tie different kinds of useful knots and lashings.
Combining these three elements will allow your creativity to take flight, and enable you to build almost anything. Our video guides take you step-by-step through the process of building constructions such as raised tents, picnic benches, ladders, emergency shelters, comfortable hammocks, even a fun pair of stilts and much more!
The program was created thanks to expertise of LaToileScout, Sikana’s knowledge partner for the Bushcraft Building program. By turning their online guides into handy video tutorials, we hope to share their savoir-faire with an even greater audience.
These activities are great for families, kids and young adults. The sense of accomplishment at building something with your own hands, with your friends and family teaches valuable skills on communication and perseverance, and each project is a great team-building exercise.
As ever, always remember the relevant safety gear and take caution when handling sharp, heavy or dangerous tools and equipment.
We wish you all the best in your bushcraft building! Why not share your creations with us on social media?

Program details

Viewing time: 76 min

Number of video(s): 29

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