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Sébastien from LaToileScout explains the importance and value of the camaraderie of the scouts

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LaToileScout originates from discussions on forums, mailing lists at the time, we're talking about the year 2000. [Sébastian Fays - Scout member for 30 years and LaToileScout writer]

A few days after new year's 2001, between several scout leaders, we had the initiative to create a website to serve all Scouts.

We founded an association to better organize ourselves.

Over time, the website opened up further, including other organisations beyond the Scouts de France (at the time that was it's name), to address all Scout movements: in France, in Belgium, in Africa...All Scouting groups in the francophone world in fact.

We don't try and keep the skills we learn in scouting to ourselves - we seek to share them as much as we can.

More and more outdoor summer camps exist. They're coming to us for information. And I find it relevant, that this scouting knowledge is serving other too...people from other movements, spiritualities, world views.

Scouting, and particularly what's behind it, is learning to live together, whatever your origin, whatever your opinions or anything like that

So, setting up camp together, building a community together, in the middle of nowhere, without a phone signal or anything... without all those things, living together makes quite a lot of sense.

You can also see it back in our day, the challenge of living together. One would say that if all young people lived together, it might be better.

We build a house together, we live in the house together, we take the house apart together, and leave the ground clean as if we had never even been there.

There is an issue today in saying that camping in nature does not require great skill, and yet here we are doing all these great activities, creating unforgettable memories.

We think that's not too bad.


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