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How to make a tenon

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Learn how to make a tenon for a mortise and tenon joint

Find the video in this series on how to make a mortise!

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In this video, you'll learn how to make a tenon

Knowing how to make a tenon will enable you to add height to your creations, and assemble numerous wooden strutures

This technique will allow you to build, a stool, a ladder and many other wooden pieces

Caution, for this job you'll need

protective gloves

closed footwear

to make a tenon you'll need:

a small axe

a mallet or hammer

a wood chisel

you will also need

a large chopping block

and a wooden log

Making a tenon requires two steps, which we'll outline for you:

Step 1: Prepare the wood

Position one of the ends of the log on a flat and hard surface like a tree stump - so that the log doesn't get stuck in the ground

Spread your legs to avoid any risk of injury

Cut the end of the log down to size with the axe

Tilt the log at an angle, the axe should be swung vertically

Turn the log around so that the point of the tenon is in the middle of the log

Try to cut down a long section of the log

Careful, you don't need to cut down the tenon too thin - this could weaken the tip.

Step 2: Shave down with the chisel

Once the log has been largely cut down, you can use the wood chisel

Place the log directly on the ground and straddle it

Hit the chisel using the hammer

Make sure it's in the right direction, the bevelled edge towards you

Turn the log so that the tenon is in the middle of the log's diameter

Test the size of the tenon in the mortise

Don't forget to check out our video on how to make a mortise for more on this.

Now you know how to make a tenon!


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