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How to Make a Hammock

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Learn how to weave your own hammock in this simple video tutorial

Hammocks are a great way to sleep off the ground while camping outdoors. Here we add our hammock to the raised tent we made earlier. Check out the video to find out how to make a raised tent.

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Emma Collingwood - Sikana
Emma Collingwood
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This video will teach you how to make a hammock for a raised tent cot

To do this you will need:

a knife

you will also need

a ball of string

We are going to take you through two steps so you can make your hammock

Step 1: Braiding the string horizontally

Start by using your knife to cut a long piece of string of a few metres in length.

Tie a reef knot round one of the poles on the inside end of the tent.

Make sure your bobbin of string is untangled to avoid knots.

Bring the string over the opposite pole, then weave the string over the top of the first pole.

Repeat, ensuring that you leave gaps of around 10cm (4 inches) between the string. Make sure you keep the string tight as you cross the strings over the poles.

The strings should criss-cross

Once you run out of string, tie it round one of the poles.

Start again with a new piece of string.

Step 2: Braiding the string vertically

Thread the string across the horizontal string you have already woven, threading it over and under, then tie a knot on the opposite pole

Move the knot so that it's at one end of the hammock frame

Keep the string taut.

When you reach the end, cut the string and tie a knot. Use your finger to keep the tension.

Start again on the other side.

You now know how to make a hammock.


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