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How to Plane Wood

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Learn how to plane round wooden logs for easy joining

It's a really simple but effective technique to help you in your bushcraft creations

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In this video you'll learn how to plane down the end of round logs. Doing so will allow you join them together securely and quickly.

Caution, this job requires:

Protective gloves

Closed footwear

To make a flattened plane, you will need:

A small axe

a file

a bow saw

You will also need

Two wooden logs

a chopping block

This technique can be done in 2 steps which we'll outline for you.

Step 1: Mark references

Place one of the logs on top of the other - leave a thumb length's margin from the end

Use your axe to mark the position of the top log onto the bottom log

Put the unmarked top log to one side

Step 2: Saw

Saw at the mark to one third of the depth of the log

You don't need to saw too deep - this will weaken the log

Try to saw parallel to the ground to ensure your cut is straight

Step 3: Hollow out the log

Hollow out the log from the mark your have sawed to the end of the log

Get down on your knees to do this

You can ask someone to help you by holding the log. Strike the axe down vertically

Bring the log into a horizontal position little by little

Do the same for the second log

You will end up with two planed surfaces which can fit together easily

Step 4: Assembly

Use your f ile to help you smooth down the planed surface

This planed joint will prevent round logs from rolling or slipping

To fasten the two logs together you could include a mortise

See our video on making a mortise for more on this

You could equally tie it with a square lashing

See ou video on the square lashing for more details

Know you know how to plane down wooden logs for joining


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