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How to Make a Bench

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Learn how to make a useful bench for camping outdoors with this bushcraft tutorial

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Hannah Thompson - Sikana
Hannah Thompson
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In this video, we will learn how to make a bench.

caution, this project will require:

protective gloves

closed footwear

and time

For this project you will need:

An auger

A hammer or a mallet

a bow saw

a measuring tape

and a hatchet or small axe

You will also need:

4 2-metre-long poles

4 80cm-long poles

2 50cm-long poles

And 4 dowels

Making a bench requires three stages which we will now explain in detail.

STAGE 1: The seat of the bench

Place both the 2-metre long poles on the ground and position the two 50-cm poles at either end.

Make a halving jointin each end, making sure that they have the same horizontal alignment.

Repeat the procedure on the smaller poles for the sides of your bench

Refer to our video: 'how to make a halving joint'.

Cut a mortise in each halving joint.

Be careful not to shift the joints while you are making the mortises by holding the poles in place with your foot.

Refer to our video: how tomake a mortise.

Make sure you don't cut the mortise too close to the edge.

STAGE 2: Making the legs

Make tenons in each of the four 80-cm poles.

Refer to our video: 'Making a tenon'.

Make sure that all 4 tenons are the same size.

STAGE 3: Assembly

Place the tenons in the mortise holes of the frame on the ground.

The smaller, side poles should be on top

Using your hammer, knock the tenons into the bottom of the mortises.

To avoid vibration and breaking the tenons, use a wedge

The tenons must be long enough to wedge through into the second pole of the halving joint

If the tenons are not long enough, re-shape them.

Once the tenons have been driven into the rectangular frame, turn the structure the right way up.

Place the rest of the big poles on the rectangular structure and make a halving joint.

Make the marks by marking lightly with the saw on the smaller side poles.

Secure them by making mortise holes and adding a dowel.

If your bench doesn't fit in with the foundations, shorten by 20cms by sawing the legs.

Your bench is ready to be used.

Now you know how to make a bench.


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