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How to Build a Shelter

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Learn how to build a quick shelter - great for emergency situations out in the wilderness

This shelter can be put up fast and will keep you dry and out of the wind in a storm, or out of the sun in a heatwave while camping

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in this video, we're going to teach you how to build a shelter. It will be extremely useful for sheltering both yourself and your equipment in the event of bad weather.

Caution; this project needs:


Closed footwear.

To build a shelter you will need:

An axe

a saw

A hammer or a sledgehammer.

You will also need:

two poles, each 2 meters in length

A 30cm log



There are three steps involved in this project which we will now explain in detail.

Step 1: Making the posts

Cut one end of each pole into a point

Please refer to our video on cutting and planting a stake

On the other end, cut a small notch with your saw.

Step 2: Making the pegs

Split the log in two, then split each half a second time

Refer to our video 'how to split a log'

Cut the blocks you have now made into points with the hatchet.

And you have your four pegs.

Step 3: Mounting the tarpaulin

Unfold the tarpaulin and spread it out on the ground.

Take two pieces of string of about 50 cm in length and tie each one in a corner of the tarp using a reef knot.

Run the twine through the notch in the post, then wind it around the post and tie it off.

Repeat this process for the other post.

Attach another piece of string, measuring about 4m in length, to each post.

Tie two more 50 cm pieces of string to the opposite two corners of the tarp, making a loop and using a reef knot for each.

Position the tent.

Each person lifts a post, keeping them spread apart so that the tarp remains taut.

Stretch out the structure using the pegs.

Now you know how to build a shelter.


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