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How to Make a Halving Joint

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In this video you'll learn how to make a halving joint.

The halving joint will allow to fit two round logs of wood together securely. They can then be fastened in place with a lashing or dowel - learn these techniques in the following videos in this series!

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In this video, we're going to learn how to make a halving joint

This technique allows you to join together two logs. You will then be able to make structures such as a raised tent-cot, a bench, and many other wooden constructions.

Caution, this job requires

protective gloves

closed footwear

to make a halving joint, you'll also need

a bow saw

a mallet

a wood chisel

you'll also need

two wooden logs

Making a halving joint can be done in 4 steps which will outline for you

Step 1: Mark your reference points

Place one of your logs on top of the other at the angle you wish to join them at

Use your saw to mark the reference points for where the upper log will sit on the lower log

Put the log without markings to one side

Step 2: Sawing the log

Saw one third, or upto half way, into the log on your reference points

Don't saw too deep into the log so as not to weaken it

Make sure the cut is straight, sawing parallel to the floor and perpendicular to the log's surface

Step 3: Hollow out the wood

Position the log so that the references points where you have sawed are facing upwards

Place your foot on the log to secure it in place

Take the chisel, making sure that the bevelled edge is facing towards you

To hollow out the wood, dig out small notches with the chisel

Then hit the chisel a little harder with the help of your mallet, pushing it back and forth to carve out bigger notches

Continue hollowing the marked area until the entire area is flat

Once the first log has been hollowed out, place it onto the second log

And repeat the steps on this log, mark references, saw, then hollow out.

You can also turn the log onto its side to hollow it out vertically with the chisel

You will end up with the two hollowed out areas which can fit together

Step 4: Assembly

Use the mallet to hit the two logs so that they fit together well

If they do not, this means that your measurements were incorrect

Go back and re-measure your reference points and saw and hollow out the part which is preventing them from joining properly

To strengthen the joint, you could even include a dowel

Check out our video making a dowel to learn more on this

You could alternatively tie a square lashing over the halving joint

Have a look at our video on tying a square lashing

Now you know how to make halving joint!


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