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Learn about the Golf Swing

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In this video we break down the 4 basic elements of a golf swing

Get to know the key golf vocabulary before you hit the course!

Find more videos on the main golf swing in our full program which you can find on our website for free!

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What is a Swing?

In this video, you are going to learn about the swing.

In golf, a swing is a rotational movement which allows the golfer to hit the ball.

Learning how to swing is essential for all new golfers.

In this video we will show you : the clubs to swing with and a breakdown of the movement.

Which clubs should you swing with? The golfer can swing with any of their clubs, except for the putter.

To learn more about how to use the putter, why not watch our video "What is putting?"

Whether you are hitting a short and precise shot with a wedge or a powerful shot with a wood, the swinging action is the same.

What makes up a golf swing?

The swing is composed of 4 steps : the starting position, the backswing, the impact and the finish.

The first step, the starting position, refers to the positioning of the player facing the ball.

The second step, the backswing, describes the moment when the player raises their club above their shoulder.

The third step, called 'impact' is the phase of acceleration during which the club is brought down to hit the ball.

The fourth step is the finish.

After the impact, the golfer follows through and this is the end of the swing. For more information on performing a good swing, we suggest you check out three videos, preferably in the following order : the first teaches you how to position your body and hold your club before carrying out the swing.

The second teaches you how to align your body in order to send the ball in the direction you want with precision.

The third explains in detail the steps of the backswing, impact and finish.

If you don't manage to hit the ball straight away, or if you find your position strange when holding the club, relax and don't give up.

Keep hitting practice balls to perfect your movement.

Over to you!


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