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Warm Down and Stretch After Golf

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Learn how to stretch and warm down after playing golf

Golf can be taxing on the shoulders and back, it's therefore important you stretch down properly to avoid injury

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Stretching After a Round of Golf

In this video, you will learn how to stretch after a round of golf.

To do this exercise, you'll need a club, preferably an iron.

Over the course of a regular round, golfers make extensive use of their muscles and joints through their hip and shoulder movements,

To prevent muscle soreness and to help you finish your round comfortably, it is important that you stretch your body.

This exercise will stretch your lower back, which is used a lot in golf.

Spread your feet shoulder-width apart

Lean forward and hold your club vertically as far as possible in front of you. Your torso and legs should form a right angle.

You should feel the stretch in your shoulders and your lower back.

You can then hold your club to one side, and then the other, as far away as possible from your feet.

Make wide movements and take your time to stretch without pushing yourself too hard.

Stretching is a time to relax and return to a calm, resting state.

Use this time to take a breather for a couple of minutes and clear your mind.

Now you know how to take care of your body after a round of golf.



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