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How to Avoid Air Shots

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Learn how to avoid air shots and hit the ball each and every time

You could even be penalised for air shots. Learn how to avoid that completely with this useful educational video

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How to avoid air shots

In this video, you will learn how to avoid air shots.

In golf, it is not uncommon for new players to miss the ball and swipe the air instead. These shots are called "air shots".

During play, an attempted shot where the ball is missed will count as a shot played.

For this exercise, you will need a 7 iron and several balls.

We advise you to carry out this exercise on a driving range.

Before beginning this exercise, we recommend watching all the videos relating to the golf swing.

There are two stages to this exercise: the first stage concentrates on movement; the second focuses on not looking at the ball.

Stage one: assume your position, without using a ball, and place the head of your club on the ground.

Make your swing, while concentrating on the feeling and natural movement of the club.

Allow your body to familiarise itself with this movement.

Stage two: with a ball, take up your position, keeping your stance relaxed.

While looking straight ahead, take your swing.

Surprise! You've touched the ball! The secret is to have confidence in the natural movement of the club and your body, which was acquired during the first stage of this exercise.

Without aiming to put lots of power into your shots, practice striking the ball so that the action becomes intuitive.

Now that you've built up some confidence and your swing feels natural, it's time to get practicing to improve your accuracy!

Over to you!


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