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Find Your Swing Stance

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Learn how to correctly position your body and align your feet for the perfect golf swing.

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Positioning yourself to Make a Swing

In this video you are going to learn how to hold yourself in the starting position.

In golfing terms, this means positioning your body to make a swing.

Equip yourself with a club, preferably an open iron, 7, 8 or 9.

For a precise and effective movement, 2 elements should be taken into account : your hold on the grip and your posture.

Firstly, your hold on the grip

The grip is the upper part of the club that you hold

A good hand position on the grip gives the best trajectory to the ball as well as a more precise swing.

If you are right-handed, place your left hand at the top of the grip with the thumb pointing towards the head of the club.

The weight of the club should rest on the knuckles of the last three fingers.

Then place your right hand a little lower, in the same position.

Your hands should overlap each other. The little finger of the right hand slots between the middle finger and the index finger of the left hand.

This position is not very natural at first but it will become comfortable within a very short time of playing.

Secondly, the position of the body facing the ball.

Place your feet facing the ball. Your feet should be parallel.

Let your club drop down in front of you, bend your knees and lean your torso slightly forward, all while maintaining a straight back, in order to place the club in front of the ball.

Keep the top of your club in front of your hips.

Now you have mastered the starting position, learn how to align yourself to make precise swings!


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