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Approach Shot: Chipping onto the Green

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Learn how to master this usfeul approach shot which should set you up for an easy putt

Remember to take into consideration the the amount the ball will roll after you've hit it!

Once you're on the green, you can check out our putting videos to help you round off the hole.

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How to chip on to the green

In this video, you will learn how to make a chip shot, that is, how to hit the ball from the fairway onto the green, making it roll.

Chipping is often favoured over pitching (meaning a lob shot) because the action, as well as the path of the ball after the shot, is easier to control.

For this exercise, you will need to use an iron and stand close to the edge of a green.

We advise you to watch our videos on how to execute a swing before carrying out this exercise.

Check that there is no obstacle between the ball and the green.

Once you've done this, make a compact swing, resembling that of a putt, bearing in mind the following four points: Firstly: Put your weight on your front leg.

Secondly: Position your hands in front of the ball.

Thirdly: During the swing, keep your wrists firm, ensuring that they do not relax.

In this way, you will reduce the number of errors in direction.

Fourthly: keep looking at the ball throughout the action.

For a more accurate shot, aim towards the flag and adapt your swing in order to get the ball gently off the ground and on to the edge of the green.

To practice holding your wrists firm, go to a driving range, place an empty ball basket between your forearms and strike the ball.

If the bucket falls, then your wrists have moved and you will need to start again!

With this technique, there'll be no more risk of missing your chips!


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