Learn the Basics of Golf

Learn the fundamentals of golf with our sports program which helps you learn its specifics rules, codes and techniques!


In this program all about how to get started playing the centuries-old sport of golf, you will find a series of over 20 free video tutorials. Each one breaks down explains the technique of a fundamental element of this sport which is known for its particular etiquette and customs. In the first chapter you will learn the very basics of golf, including where to practice, learning about the golf course and how to equip your golfing caddy. Then you will learn about the etiquette of the sport as well as how to keep the course in good condition for other golfers after you've played on it. After learning some simple warm ups and stretches you can do with a golf club, the program goes on to teach you everything you know about putting, long drives. We then give you some points on common errors such as avoiding air shots and sliced shots, before showing you how to get out of sticky situations - such as sandy bunkers. The golf program finishes with an inspirational interview from from the English former PGA pro Bill Owens, who now runs a golfing academy and is vice-president of the Association pour le Développement du Golf Educatif (A.D.G.E) in France, which uses which teaches golf and the values of the sports to children and young adults of all ages and from all walks of life.

Program details

Viewing time: 47 min

Number of videos: 21

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