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Learn to Control Your Putting Stroke

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Learn how to control the pendulum motion of your putting swing

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How to Control your Putting Stroke

In this video, you will learn how to control your putting stroke

This movement will allow you to control the power of your shot.

To carry out this exercise, you will need a putter, three balls and two tees.

Perform this exercise on a practice green, so as not to disturb other golfers.

The action of putting is different to that of the classic swing.

It is based on a swinging action resembling that of a pendulum.

It is the range of movement that impacts the strength of the putt.

The aim of this exercise is not to putt the ball into the hole, but to familiarise yourself with the movement.

It is broken up into three steps: the execution of the swing using your fingertips, the execution of the swing using markers and the repetition of the swing after the putt.

First phase: the execution of the swing using your fingertips.

Holding the putter in your fingertips in front of you, allow it to swing to the left and to the right.

This will enable you to feel the steady movement of the head of the club, which you will have to reproduce during the shot.

Secondly: the execution of the swing using markers.

Place the ball on the ground, a few metres from the hole.

Next, mark out your swing zone with two tees. Your swing should not go beyond these markers.

In order to attain the optimal range, try out different ranges.

By moving the tees further away, you will increase the distance travelled.

Thirdly: the repetition of the swing after the putt.

Once you have found the correct range, repeat the movement so as to memorise the feeling of the swing.

To do this, repeat the putt four times.

Touch the ball on the first swing, then repeat the movement three times swinging your putter in the air before resting your putter on the ground.

Do not worry about your putting line during this exercise.

Find a target and try putting three balls in a row, as closely as possible one after the other.

Now that you've learnt how to control your putting swing why not watch our video "How to read your putting line" so that you can make a perfect putt on any course!

Over to you!


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