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How to Swing a Golf Club

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Learn the mechanics of the golf swing in our free video tutorial

This video is perfected for beginners and people interested in learning more about golf

the golf swing is the most technical aspect of the sport of golf and requires practice and patience. Move on to the next video in our golf program when you're ready!

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Swinging a Golf Club

In this video, you will learn how to swing a golf club.

For this exercise, you will need an iron (7,8 or 9) and a bucket of practice balls.

We advise you to watch the videos relating to the position and alignment of your body before you learn the 3 steps of the swing.

The 3 steps are as follows : the backswing, the impact and the finish.

First of all, the backswing.

Get into position facing your ball, holding your iron

The backswing is the phase of the swing that creates power.

Raise the club, flexing your wrists progressively.

Pivot your shoulders and your hips while keeping your initial posture.

If you are right-handed, your left shoulder will be under your chin at the end of this movement.

Next is the impact, which is the phase of bringing the club down towards the ball.

Let natural gravity bring your shoulders, your arms and your club down towards the ball, while accelerating.

Relax your wrists just before the impact with the ball to give power to your swing.

In this natural movement, your arms and your club will swing through the ball as it makes contact.

Don't stop the motion when you make contact with the ball.

Finally the finish.

After the impact with the ball, allow your pelvis, shoulders and club to follow through and continue the rotation.

Your back foot will rise up naturally to complete the movement.

Your club will finish its journey above your shoulder, with your chest facing towards the target,

To hit the ball further, don't try to strike the ball forcefully.

A powerful swing is a relaxed swing with amplitude.

Mastering the swing requires lots of practice and repetition.

Before heading for the golf course, spend some time practicing.

With experience, your swing will become more natural, more relaxed, and therefore more effective.

Over to you!


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