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How to Avoid Slicing the Ball

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Slicing the ball is a common error in golfing which can be eliminated from your game with a bit of practice!

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Prevent accidental slice shots

In this video you will learn how to prevent accidental slice shots.

Unintended slicing is common among new golfers.

Instead of going in the desired direction, the ball shoots off to the right as soon as the club makes contact.

We advise you to watch our videos on golf swings before watching this video.

In this video, we will see how to fix the 2 common errors that lead to slicing your shot: aligning your body too far to the left, and a poor grip on the handle.

We will also suggest a practice drill for you to improve your movement.

First common error: aligning your body too far to the left.

Check your body alignment by putting a club on the ground parallel to your line of play.

Your feet and shoulders must align with it.

Second most common error: poor grip on the handle.

Take the time to position your hands on the handle

Make sure that you can see 2 knuckles of your left hand as you grip the club.

Also make sure that the club’s face is parallel to your feet and shoulders.

Now let's try a practice drill.

Place 3 balls diagonally on a practice mat.

The ball on the right should be farthest away from you.

Your objective is to hit the center ball without touching the other two balls.

If your grip or alignment are off, your club will touch one of the outside balls.

Don’t worry if you can’t successfully perform this exercise the first time.

Start again and pay close attention to your grip and alignment.

If your body is used to a slice position, you may feel uncomfortable at first when performing a “controlled” swing.

This will change with practice.

Now that you've perfected your technique, slices will no longer pose a problem. Over to you!


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