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Learn the Golf Stance to Swing your Club

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Before you can hit the ball, you'll need to learn the proper golf stance - which is why we created this video

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Aligning Yourself to Make a Swing.

In this video, you will learn how to align your body to carry out a good swing.

A good alignment of your body with the target will allow you to have a better ball trajectory and a more precise stroke.

For this exercise, you will need 3 irons and a bucket of practice balls.

We advise you to watch the video "Positioning yourself to make a swing" before you begin.

The proposed exercise is split up into 3 stages : defining the line of play, positioning your feet naturally and correcting the positioning of your feet in relation to the line of play.

First stage : defining the line of play.

Place a ball on the practice mat and choose your target.

The line between your ball and the target is called the line of play.

To better visualise it, place a club next to your ball to represent your line of play.

Second stage : the natural positioning of your feet.

Take a second club and put yourself in the starting position, aiming at your target.

Place the club in front of your feet to mark your alignment.

Now move back and compare your line of play with the natural alignment of your feet.

This difference is often due to an incorrect interpretation of your field of vision.

It risks knocking your stroke off course.

Third stage : correcting the natural positioning of your feet in relation to the line of play.

To find a good alignment, move the second club until it is parallel to your line of play.

Get back into position behind the well-aligned club and assume your starting position again, with your feet up against the club.

This alignment is not an instinctive position.

Take your time to master it and visualise your line of play during your first rounds.

You are now in the ideal position to reach your target

Now learn how to execute the three key stages of the swing!



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