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Learn About Putting

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Learn about putting - the final shot you'll make playing a hole in golf!

This video teaches you the very fundamtenls of putting - a unique golfing stroke

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What is Putting?

In this video, you will learn about the golfer's most precise shot: the putt.

You finish a hole by putting, or rolling, the ball into the hole.

It's important to master this skill as it makes up 40% of all the shots in a round.

We will show you what type of putter to use and when to use it.

What club should you use? Putting is done with a putter.

It is a club designed for precision, with a flat head that will make your ball roll without lifting it.

The putter is the shortest club in your bag.

Which putter you use depends on your personal preferences. You need to be comfortable with its weight and its contact with the ball.

There are two types of putter: mallet putters and blade putters.

Mallet putters, which are heavier and better balanced, are easier to use and are recommended for new golfers.

When should you putt? Wait until you are on the green to get your putter out.

The green is the zone around the hole.

It has a closely trimmed surface that allows the ball to roll meaning that your shots can be extremely precise.

The last shot you make in a round will be a putt.

Now that you know the basics of putting, why not learn to putt yourself with our three in-depth videos?

In the first video you will learn how to putt in a straight line.

The second video will show you how to manage the power of your ball with a pendulum movement.

The third video will teach you how to putt whatever the gradient of the course.

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