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How to Tee your Golf Ball

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Learn how to tee the ball at the right height for your golf swing

This is a simple but important part of golf. Get it right will take a little bit of experimentation but will eventually become second nature!

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Teeing up at the right height

In this video, you will learn how to tee up at the correct height for the club that you are going to use.

The golf tee is only used by players in the teeing area

Elevating the ball, the tee allows you to hit longer drives without your club touching the ground.

Teeing up at the right height is therefore crucial for a successful drive.

A tee positioned too low won't get the ball airborne and a tee positioned too high will give the ball too much height and not enough distance.

In this video, we will show you how to position the tee, first for woods, hybrids and drivers, then for irons.

For woods, hybrids and drivers, the height of your tee will be chosen in relation to that of the club you are using.

A simple benchmark for positioning your tee : the equator of the ball, that is, its centre, should ideally be at the same level as the top of the head of the club.

This is the case for the 3 wood that you can see in the video.

Take your time on the tee, before getting into position behind your ball, don't hesitate to crouch down to check the level of your ball in relation to your club.

For the irons, the best option is simply to create a small gap between the ball and the ground to avoid the club coming into contact with the ground.

This will allow you to conserve all the power of your shot.

Now you know how to tee up at the right height in relation to the club you are using. Over to you!


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