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Where to Play Golf

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Learn the various places in which you can play golf!

We can't always make it onto the course for a full round of golf, here are some other places in which you can enjoy the sport

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Where to practice.

In this video, you will learn the features of the different places you can practice golf.

There are three main places to practice golf: the driving range, the course and at home.

Each place has its own advantages and its own specific function.

The ultimate place to learn is the driving range.

The driving range is an indoor or outdoor training ground, that allows players to warm up or practice using a golf club of their choice.

After taking their place in their box, players work their way through one or more buckets of balls, and practice either by aiming at the targets placed in the shooting range or by shooting as far as possible.

Train yourself up by practising your swing with all of your clubs on a practice mat.

The iconic place to practice golf is on the course.

Varying between 9 to 18 holes, the course is the place for competitions and for playing under game conditions.

Instead of target practice where you hit one ball after the other, there is only one objective when you play on a course: get your ball from the teeing ground to the hole in as few shots as possible.

The third place to practice, and the least common, is at home or in the office.

Using a putting mat or nets to aim at with a wedge, the home is the perfect training ground for a little game.

Do, however, pay attention to safety if you play at home.

Street golf, a variation played in the city with specific equipment, is gaining ground with more and more enthusiasts around the world.

Now you know the different places to practice golf.

Over to you!


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