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Learn the Proper Golf Etiquette

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This introductory video to our golf program teaches you the proper etiquette to adopt when playing on the course

Learn the golfing etiquette to help you play the sport while respecting both the course and other players around you

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Golfing Etiquette

In this video, you will learn the tacit rules that govern golfing etiquette.

They are rules that guide behaviour on the course.

Being respectful of this etiquette is the golden rule for making sure the game is safe and enjoyable for all players.

The key values of golfing are: discipline, honesty, courtesy, and sportsmanship.

Keep them in mind as you make your way onto the fairway! Golfing etiquette can be divided into two main elements: respecting other players, and respecting the course itself.

Firstly, respecting other players.

Before swinging, make sure that other players are out of range of your club.

When you are ready to play your ball, pay attention to the environment around you. It should be clear of any people and objects (rocks, branches, etc.)

If you hit a ball that takes an unexpected trajectory which could be dangerous for other players, cry "Fore" to warn them and give them a chance to protect themselves.

For your safety, you should also always be aware of your surroundings. Never walk out in front of a player ready to hit a ball, and never walk across the fairway (i.e. the well maintained part of the course) without looking.

When a player is concentrating and ready to hit the ball, stand behind them, out of reach of their golf club, and respect their concentration in silence.

On the green, avoid walking on other players' putting line (i.e. the line between the ball and the hole), even if they are not putting.

You risk modifying the surface of the green and altering the player's path.

The second element is respecting the course itself.

Golf is played in a natural and fragile environment. Therefore, you should not leave traces of your game behind.

To do this, make sure to fill in any divots and remove your pitch marks.

Divots are the pieces of turf displaced when the golf club makes impact with the ground.

Pitch marks are the indentations left by the ball when they fall on the green.

When you exit a bunker, use a rake to smooth over the sand and get rid of your footprints and any holes.

Now that you know the rules for proper conduct on the course, you can have fun whilst respecting other players and your surroundings. Over to you!


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