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How to Read your Putting Line

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In this video you will learn how to read your putting line

Your putting line will vary relative to the slope of the green. Here we present a useful exercise to help you improve your judgement and sink more balls in fewer strokes!

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Reading your Putting Line

In this video, you are going to learn how to read your putting line.

This involves taking into consideration the slope of the green to find the ideal trajectory for your ball to get it into the hole.

For this exercise, you will need 3 balls, 2 tees and a putter.

Try this exercise on a practice green so as not to bother other golfers.

We recommend that you take a look at our videos "Discover the basics of putting," "Putting straight" and "Controlling your putting stroke" before you learn how to read the line of a putt.

This exercise is made up of 3 steps: identifying the slope of the green, placing the marker, and executing the putt.

The first step is to identify the slope of the green.

To do this, crouch down to bring your gaze closer to the ground.

Try to imagine the trajectory your ball will take during your putt.

In this example, there is a slight incline to the left of the player. They must therefore anticipate the ball naturally rolling to the right in order to sink their putt.

Second step: placing the marker.

Place a tee behind the hole in the direction your ball should follow.

This tee will be your marker for alignment during your putt.

Align the line marked on your ball with the tee placed behind the hole.

Thirdly: executing the putt.

Position yourself facing the ball, putter in hand.

Get into a comfortable position, keep your eyes above the ball and feet anchored to the ground.

You've found your line, your ball is aligned, now it's time to putt! Don't hesitate to replace your marker tee if the line is not correct after the first attempt.

Try to putt your 3 balls in the direction of the hole following your line.

Depending on the speed of your putt, the ball will react differently to the slopes.

Practice different lengths of putts and on different slopes to understand the trajectories required.

Now you've found the line, you're ready to putt!


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