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Learn About the Different Parts of a Golf Course

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This video will teach you all the different elements of a golf course, from the teeing ground to the hole.

From the fairway to the rough, the bunker to the green, getting the golfing vocabularly down is a key step to learning more about the sport before you start playing

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Knowing the make-up of a course.

In this video you will learn to identify the elements that make up a golf course.

A golf course is usually made up of 18 holes.

It has 4 main zones : the teeing ground, the fairway, the rough and the green.

Firstly, the teeing ground.

The teeing ground can take different forms depending on the game.

It is the zone in which you plant your tee to start the round.

The tee is the ball support used at the start of each hole.

Secondly, the fairway.

The fairway is a section of mown grass so that the ball rolls on impact with the ground, and shows the golfer the way from the teeing ground to the hole.

Inside the fairway, you will find two types of obstacles aimed to trap the golfer and spice up their game : bunkers and water obstacles.

Bunkers are pits filled with sand that stop the ball upon impact.

It is usually difficult to get the ball out of them.

Water obstacles may include a lake, a river or a pond.

If your ball goes into the water, it is impossible to play it.

Take another ball and a penalty stroke.

Thirdly, the rough.

You can find it on either side of the fairway.

Less mown, it is the zone for golfers to avoid.

Usually densely populated by trees and bushes, it can be difficult to play from this area.

Be careful, if you go too far from the fairway, you can also pass over the rough and send the ball out of bounds.

The out of bounds area is marked out by white poles in this video.

If this is the case, stay in position where you took the stroke and play a second ball with a penalty stroke.

Fourthly, the green.

The golfer's objective is to reach this zone.

The area around the hole and the flag, the green is the most well-mown area of the course.

It is in this zone that you use your putter to make the ball roll into the hole.

The green is a delicate part of the course that must be respected by golfers.

To learn how to take care of the course, you can watch our video "know how to repair pitch marks".

Before playing on a course, consult the map of the 18 holes to know the location of each obstacle and the distances to cover!

Now you know the make-up of a course.

Over to you!


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