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How to Do a Handstand

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In this video you'll learn how to do a handstand in the swimming pool

It's the final video in our program on how to overcome a fear of water and gain water confidence. Don't forget to check out all the others...they're free on our website!

Its great fun being able to play safely and freely in the pool. Watch this free video to learn how to stand on your hands with your feet point up in the'll impress all your friends!

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How to do a handstand underwater

In this video, you'll be learning how to do a handstand underwater. Doing a handstand underwater is a lot easier than on dry land because of the pressure of the water. To do a handstand, it's best if the water level is up to your chest.

We're going to divide this video into three steps: putting your hands on the bottom of the pool, straightening your legs and straightening your arms.

First, you're going to put your hands on the bottom of the pool. Submerge the top half of your body in the water at the same time as lifting your feet up- just like when doing an underwater somersault. It's a good idea to jump a little in order to get to the bottom more easily.

Press against the bottom with your hands., whilst bending your elbows

Next, straighten your legs. Raise both your legs at the same time, as vertically as possible.

Straighten your legs and hold them together. Point your toes upwards.

Finally, straighten your arms. Once you've found a good balance with your hands, straighten your arms to lift up your body.

You need to be completely vertical in order to make your handstand look as good as possible. If you feel yourself tipping over, you can find your balance again by adjusting your hands.

If you're having trouble, move to a deeper part of the pool. The more your body is submerged, the easier it will be to get your balance.

This balancing technique is similar to that of duck-diving, which you can learn about from watching the 'How to retrieve an underwater object' video

To do a handstand, put your hands on the bottom, straighten your legs as vertically as possible and then straighten your arms. Over to you!


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