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First Contact With Water

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In this video, you will make your first contact with water

It will help you to experience being in water upto your arms and legs in complete security

Take your time and follow the videos in this program one-by-one

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Carrie Briffett

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First contact with water

In this video, you are going to learn how to deal with being in contact with water for the first time. Making some parts of your body come into contact with the water is the first step to being confident in a pool. Take your time so that this learning process is as natural as possible.

If possible, we advise you to wear a swim or flotation belt.

For safety reasons, we also advise you to have someone accompanying you.

We are going to divide your first contact with water in two steps : First, feet and legs, and then, hands and arms.

First, contact with your feet and legs. Sit down at the edge of the pool, where the water is most shallow. Put your feet into water.

Move them around to familiarise yourself with the feel of the water.

As soon as you feel ready, get closer to the water and staying firmly seated, immerse your legs in the water, up to your knees.

Next, your hands and arms. Position yourself at the edge of the pool, side-on to the water. If you prefer, you could also kneel down or squat.

Touch the water and submerge your fingers. Move them around to get accustomed to the feel of the water.

When you feel more confident, submerge your hand, and then your forearm, whilst remaining strongly fixed to the side of the pool. continue moving your arm and your hand slowly in the water.

Once you have mastered this exercise with one arm, repeat the same steps with your other arm.

For your first contact with water, immerse your feet and your legs first, then your hand and your arm.

Now it's your turn!


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