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How to Move Around in Water

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In this video, you'll learn how to begin moving around without touching the bottom of the pool

It's the first step towards learning the basic movements of swimming and we'll show you how to move around both on and under the surface

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Moving around in the water

In this video, you are going to learn how to begin moving in the water. Now that you are able to float and return to a standing position again, learning how to move in the water will allow you to go a little deeper and to return to your starting position without having to walk or use the edge of the pool to help you.

For safety reasons, we advise you to attempt this exercise in the presence of someone who can swim.

We are going to split this exercise into 2 steps: first moving on the surface of the water, then moving below the surface.

First of all, moving on the surface of the water. Get yourself into a standing position in a pool where your feet can touch the bottom.

Begin moving by placing your head in the water and making movements with your arms and legs.

Open your eyes under the water, preferably while wearing suitable goggles. This will let you see that you are moving forwards in the water

Next, moving under the surface.

To go deeper in the pool to swim under the surface, you'll need to perform a duckdive: enter the water arms first, followed by the head and the chest, as vertically as possible.

Now try to move forward a few metres close to the bottom of the pool, using your hands and your feet.

To learn how to move in the water, first try moving on the surface of the water, then under the surface. Now it's your turn!


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