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How to Use a Snorkel and Diving Mask

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This video will teach how to breathe and swim a scuba mask and snorkel

They let you travel under the surface of the water without needing to come up for air. This program is for those hoping to learn how to swim

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Breathe and Swim Using a Diving Mask and Snorkel

In this video, you will learn how to swim and breathe using a diving mask and snorkel. These accessories are used to help you move around in the water and breathe breathe through your mouth - all while being able to see underwater

We will split this video into three steps. First, the positiong of the mask and snorkel, then the breathing, finally the swimming technique

First, the positioning of the mask and snorkel. Place the mask on your face and use straps to tighten is slightly. Generally, the underwater pressure will keep the mask in place, so you don't need to overtighten the mask at the straps

to avoid fog or mist forming on the lens of the mask, you can apply a little bit of saliva to the interior when it's still dry

Plut the snorkel in your mouth, making sure to keep it vertical

Secondly, the breathing. Breathe in and out only by the mouth. Practice doing several breathing cycles out of the water until you're completely at ease with this.

Once you've comfortable mastered the breathing technique, Get into the water and lie down on your front and practice breathing.

Thirdly, on your stomach, move around using your hands and feet to help you

Si you want to dive, take a deep breathe by the mouth and hold it. When you get back up to the surface, remember to breathe out hard to expel the water that will have gotten into your snorkel. Then continue breathing normally through the mouth.

To breathe and swim with a mask and snorkel. Remember the following 3 steps: the positioning of the mask and snorkel on your face, the breathing, and the swimming technique. Over to you!


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