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Diving Underwater to Pick Up an Object

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In this video you'll learn how to dive to pick something up from the bottom of a body of a water

This video is in the final chapter of the Overcome a Fear of Water series

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Retrieving an object underwater

In this video, we are going to learn how to retrieve an object underwater. This exercise will help you to get your bearings more easily when you are completely underwater.

Here, we will learn the duck-dive method in order to go down deep underwater.

To learn this, we will divide the video in four parts: identifying the object, going down, picking it up and getting back up to the surface.

First, identifying the object. Put on your goggles, and, with your stomach facing the bottom of the pool, lie down horizontally in the water.

Locate the object at the bottom of the pool, and place yourself directly over it.

Second, Diving down, this is what we call duck-diving. Take a deep breath, and go down in the water hands and head first, tipping your chest forwards.

Throw your legs up to finish in a vertical position. Their weight outside of the water will enable you to go down easily.

Once fully submerged, propel yourself downwards with your hands and feet.

Third, picking the object up. Get close to the object so that you can pick it up. Outstretch your arms and grab it.

If you can't hold your breath any longer, return to the surface and start again.

Lastly, getting back up to the surface. To do that as quickly as possible, place yourself back in a vertical position, feet below your head, and push off on the bottom of the pool

You can help yourself get back to the surface quicker by kicking your legs.

To retrieve an object underwater, start by identifying the object, then go down using a duck-dive, pick the object up and finally, get back to the surface surface. Over to you!


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