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How to Do an Underwater Forward Roll

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In this video you'll learn how to do an underwater forward roll or somersault

By now you should be comfortable in the water, carry on to the next video.

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How to do an underwater somersault

In this video, you'll learn how to do an underwater somersault

To make this exercise as easy as possible, the water should ideally be up to your chest. We'll split this video into two steps: getting into position, then the movement of the underwater somersault.

Firstly, we'll look at getting in the right position. Stand up in the pool, and check that you aren't too close to any walls or other swimmers

Hold your arms out horizontally on the surface of the water. They will keep you balanced during the somersault. Take a deep breath, and tuck your chin to your chest

Next, the movement of the somersault. Swing your chest forward whilst gently kicking your legs

Tuck in your legs to form a ball; your body should naturally spin. If you don't have enough momentum, use your arms to push yourself forward in order to finish the somersault

Come up to the surface to get your breath back. Once you're comfortable, you can do several somersaults in one go.

To do an underwater somersault, get into the correct position with your head above the water, then push the top half of your body forward by gently kicking your legs. Over to you!


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