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How to Propel Yourself Forwards in the Water

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In this video you will learn how to propel yourself forwards in the water.

It's the first step towards really creating swimming movements. Move on to the next video in this free series on overcoming a fear of water

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In this video, you will learn how to propel yourslef in the water. propelling youruse fusing the bottom of the pool, a wall or the water itself can help you move more efficiently and be more confident in the water .

For your safety, we recommend that you have someone who can swim accompany you when you do these exercises.

To get propulsion, bear these three steps in mind: finding something to push off,, maintaining propulsion and combining the two

First of all, find something to push off. In the water, you can use a solid base to give you push, such as a wall or the bottom of the pool. If using these supports, push-off with your legs where possible to rest your arms.

When you are in the water, however, you might not always be able to find a solid base from which to push-off. In this case, your propulsion will come from whatever you can create using your own body movements in the water

The human body has several surfaces which can create propulsion in the water: the palms of your hands, fingers together, the forearms, the full arms, the legs, the tops of your feet and the soles of your feet.

In the water, practice propelling yourself using these different surfaces to get an idea of their effectiveness and their limitations.

Next, maintaining the push. In order to use as few strokes as possible, try to lengthen your movements.

To propel yourself effectively, reach out, under the water, far in front of you with your arms, and prolong your backward movements and strokes

Finally, use your propulsion techniques together. It is easier to maintain speed than to slow down and start again, so practise synchronising your different propulsion techniques, especially those where you are using both your arms and legs

To practise propelling yourself using broader movements, pick a point at the edge and try to reach it in as few movements as possible. Repeat the exercise reducing the number of movements it takes each time.

In summary, to get propulsion in the water, remember these three steps: find a propulsion technique, maintain propulsion and combine propulsion techniques


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