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How to Swim with Flippers

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In this video you'll learn how to swim using flippers, or swim fins

it's a great workout and good fun too!

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Swimming with flippers

In this video, you are going to learn how to swim using flippers. They are used when learning how to swim and when working out glute, thigh, and leg muscles.

For this exercise, you will need a foam swimming float.

We will divide this video in three steps, your position in the water, the leg movement, then the arm movement to swim without a swimming float.

First, positioning yourself in the water. Put on your flippers, dipping them in the pool beforehand.

Whilst holding the swimming float in front of you, lie down on your stomach in the water.

Then, kicking your legs. Move your legs making long deliberate kicks, one leg after another. Your legs must move from the hips down and not from your knees.

To be efficient, your flipper should enter the water, and stroke the surface when coming back up.

If you cannot do this move, here is a small exercise. Lie on your back, holding the float above your knees.

Try kicking your legs without your kness touching the float: you will then be forced to use your hips.

Finally, positioning your arms. Once you are comfortable with using flippers, put the swimming float away. Place your arms by your body, or pointing forwards, and repeat the same leg kick as before. Look down to help you stay horizontal.

To swim with flippers, remember how to get into position in the water, how to kick your legs, and how to position your arms to swim without a float. Over to you!


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