Overcoming a Fear of Water

Discover 23 recreational exercises to guide you through the process of overcoming a fear of water

Audrey Bouillé - Sikana Expert

Audrey Bouillé

Audrey Bouillé is a professional swimming coach at the Layon Swimming Pool in the Maine-et-Loire region of France. Each year, she teaches the basics of swimming to her students and also helps people overcome their fears regarding the water. She has contributed her extensive expertise and experience to each video.


Discover 23 recreational exercises to guide you through the process of overcoming a fear of water. In this program, you will learn some essential techniques to help you feel more comfortable and learn to have fun in the water. Each video outlines one exercise. Follow them in order to gradually discover the pleasure of being in an aquatic environment. The exercises shown in these videos are for any person wanting to overcome a fear of water, regardless of their age. Each exercise is designed to be accessible to beginners.. This program was developed with the expert collaboration of a trained lifeguard and a professional swimming coach specialised in introducing people to water and helping people overcome a fear of it. It is based around three main sections: getting comfortable in the water; learning the essential techniques to be at ease in the water; and learning to have fun in the swimming pool. Panic in the water is the cause of multiple drownings. Learn to be without water phobia and to have no fear in the swimming pool, and avoid the risks that water phobia can carry with it. Only then can you be happy to your fullest in the water. Over to you!

Program details

Viewing time: 51 min

Number of videos: 23

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