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How to Do the Torpedo Swimming Technique

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This video will teach you the torpedo swimming drill

It's the final video in a series all about overcoming a fear of water.

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How to do the torpedo drill

In this video, you'll learn how to do the torpedo drill. This exercise helps you to get used to swimming on your front and on your back, and to feel more confident in the water

For this exercise, you'll need a float

For safety reasons, we recommend that you try this exercise with somebody that knows how to swim

We'll split this video into two steps; with a float, and without a float

Firstly, with a float

Lie on your back. Stretch your arms out behind your head in line with your body, using the float to help you

Kick your legs to keep yourself on the surface

Take a deep breath in, then turn onto your front, still holding onto the float

Once your head is underwater, breathe out for a few seconds whilst gently kicking your legs . Hold onto the float tightly to keep your arms stretched out in front of you

Next, turn back onto your back and breathe in, then repeat the exercise until you've mastered it

Now, without the float. Turn onto your back, your arms stretched out behind your head. Make small kicks with your legse

Take a deep breath in, and roll onto your front whilst stretching your arms in front of your head. They should be pointing forwards, in line with your body

Breathe out all of the air in your lungs, then turn back onto your back and repeat

To do the torpedo drill, first practise with a float , and then without one. Over to you!

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