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Treading Water

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This video teaches how to tread water in deeper water so that you can stay afloat

This video is for people who want to learn how gain water confidence before learning to swim.

Tread water is an invaluable skill to have when learning to swim. Practice treading water in the deep end of your pool with someone looking over you for safety.

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in this video, you will learn to tread water . This exercise will help you become more confident in the water, when your feet do not touch the bottom, without exerting yourself too much.

For your safety, we advise you to have someone accompany you when you do this exercise.

We will divide this video into three stages: leg movements, hand movements and then both the leg and hand movements together.

Let's start with the leg movements. Get into the pool in a place where your feet cannot touch the bottom and hold onto the side of the pool with both hands.

Bend your legs at the same time, bringing your heels up behind your bottom. kick your feet out to the sides and then bring your legs together again, kicking your legs out towards the bottom of the pool.

This leg movement helps you to stay afloat and is similar to the leg movement used in the breaststroke.

Next, we will work on the hand movements.

Bend your legs and put your arms out in front of you as though you were sitting in an armchair.

Push both hands down at the same time, and make small circles.

Finally, let's put both movements together. To tread water, the hand and leg movements must be done simultaneously.

Try treading water for 10 seconds. You will notice that you need to do the exercises at a very regular pace.

To tread water, start by working on the leg movements, the hand movements and then both movements together. Over to you!


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