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How to do a Roll Dive

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In this video you'll learn how to do roll dives to enter the water

It's part of our video series on overcoming a fear of water, you can find it all for free on our website!

It's a fun and way to learn how to enter the water before learning how to dive fully.

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Entering the water: forward roll dive and backward roll dives

In this video, you will learn how to do forward- and backward-dives. It's a way of entering the water that's fun, effective and easy to do from the very beginning of learning to swim

We'll split the video into two steps: first the forward-dive, and then the backward-dive

First, the forward-dive. Crouch down, with your toes hooked over the edge of the pool. Hold onto your ankles, and tuck your chin into your chest

Let yourself fall forward, staying in this position and without raising your head

Let your body become completely submerged, then uncurl your legs and arms to get back up to the surface

Now for the backward-dive. Crouch down on the edge with your back to the pool, your knees bent. Tuck in your head, with your chin against your chest. Hold onto your shins in order to stay in position

Fall back without raising your head and maintaining your position. Breathe out through your nose to avoid any water getting in

Allow your body to become completely submerged, then let go of your shins and return to the surface by straightening out your arms and legs.

Now you know how to do both a forward-rolland backward rollto enter the water. Over to you!


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