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Overcome a Fear of Water: Introduction

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In this video, you will be introduced to our video program on overcoming fear of water.

This video is for people wanting to boost their confidence in water. Our following programs then teach how to swim

Follow the videos step-by-step to gradually increase your comfort in the water

Carefree - Gilles B -
Coconut water - Gilles B -

Carrie Briffett

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This video is an introduction to our program: familiarising yourself with water. It is for anyone who has a fear of water.

Fear of water is a very widespread phenomenon which affects both children and adults. This phenomenon is different to aquaphobia which can even include fear of being splashed by water

But fear of water is nevertheless a true source of suffering. It may be caused owing to a childhood trauma in water , or having been passed on by a family member. No matter the reason, fear of water can be overcome by learning to familiarise oneself with water, step by step.

To do this, the swimmer has to feel confident and calm. It is very important that they are in a place where they feel safe and with someone they know and trust

Our program about the fear of water is divided in 9 steps for a progressive familiarisation with water.

Follow the order of the videos and only proceed to the next one when the exercises in the preceding video have been mastered.

Some steps might require a lot of time, but don't get discouraged! Remind yourself that each successful step brings you closer to being autonomous and experiencing the pleasure of being in the water!


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